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A Fast & Easy Way To Get Started Building Funnels to Automate Your Online Sales Is Within Reach

No more going it alone wondering WTF...

Join The Sales Funnels Using Groove.cm™ Funnels Study Group

  • Private VIP Faceboook community

  • Weekly time-saving summary note drops from expert sales funnel courses, books, and marketers. 

  • Swipe files and detailed analysis of live funnels found in the wild

  • Sales funnel marketing advice & support in plain English

  • Trusted, affordable tech help available whenever you need to hire it

  • No contract - cancel at any time


    IF ONLY you could DIY this magic marketing automation shiz,

    but so far your experience with sales funnels:


      It's still a dream on a dusty shelf at the back of your brain. And that software you signed up for - or even invested a lot of $$$ in? It's sitting there too. Gathering cobwebs.


      You tried to have a go at it. Once or twice. You even watched a few long-winded tutorials by a bespectacled dude half your age with a heavy accent who jumps to step ten before you can even hit pause to catch up on step one.


      You want to build an online empire but your aspirations keep colliding within your limited tech skills - and patience. And you don't know who to turn to for help.


      OTO, SLO, LTO, HTO - Say what? You wish there were someone who could explain both the big and small sales funnel marketing concepts in plain ENGLISH.

    Get the help you need to start building today with The Sales Funnels Using Groove Funnels Study Group

    A close, supportive community for beginner to intermediate sales funnel builders. 

    Here's what you get when you join this tight-knit group of sales funnel study buddies:

    • Instant access to a small, private VIP Facebook community of trusted like-minded sales funnel builders like yourself to turn to whenever you get stuck.

    • 24/7 (Weekday) Help - Unlike other free Facebook groups, this community is devoted to helping you figure out the cause of any issues you run up against. No question is 'too dumb' and you'll never get ignored or given a long-winded explanation that you can't understand. You will never not get an answer to your problem.

    • Time-Saving Weekly Summary Note Drops - from some of the most renown expert sales funnel courses, books, and gurus online. Each note drop is saved and organized in the GUIDES section of our group so you can tick them off as you read through them at your own pace, whenever you need them. We sift for the gold so you don't have to (but hey, if you do, hello book club!)

    • Sales Funnel & Marketing Clarity -  I take the complicated concepts and pull them down to earth for you to understand. I've waded through the texts, experienced the tech myself, and have worked with clients who have successfully built high-converting sales funnels online. It's an information jungle out there, but in this group, it's oasis of support and understanding.

    • Swipe Files - Screenshots with no-jargon, detailed explanations of real live sales funnels found in the wild, either the juicy bits or the whole flow from ad to check-out pages.

    • Easy to Understand Infographics - Some of us are more visual learners, so I've made sure to include all types of study materials in the group, and to break it down in a way that will make sense.

    • Trusted Tech Help Whenever You Need It - Need to get a webinar funnel up and have no time (or patience) to do it yourself? Just hire out our affordable community tech wizard (my partner) to get it done for you. Sometimes you may just need a quick job done, and other times you may want help completing a big project that you don't have the time or patience to do yourself. By joining this group you'll be able to quick answers to any questions you may have, and a trusted service provider you can hire on an either an hourly, contract, or even retainer basis if you ever need it if you get stuck. 

    • Marketing Advice & Support - Instead of asking a random group of strangers on Facebook for help when you need it, you will have a dedicated marketing expert who knows you and where you are at in your business to call on for quick answers and tips whenever you need it. 

    BONUS buttery goodness!

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    Get 3 Months Study Group Access - FOR FREE!

    In addition, if you use our affiliate link to sign-up to Groove, we will give you 3 full months of the Sales Funnels Using Groove Funnels Study Group access for FREE as a free subscriber and LIFETIME membership if you use our affiliate link to become a paying Groove subscriber. Woooot!!


    Get LIFETIME Study Group Access - FOR FREE!

    If you use our affiliate link to become a paying Groove subscriber we will give you FREE LIFETIME access to the Study Group.

    Now that you're 'one of us' we're never going to leave you hanging - you got our help till death do us part. Like, LITERALLY. ☠️

    Say it takes you 2 years to build out your entire marketing suite as a member, that's a $360 value you get for FREE simply for using our link to join and build on Groove.

    And since we have your back, we want to help you start earning before you ever start paying the subscription fee - a total WIN-WIN for both of us!


    VIP Discounts To Sales Funnel Courses, Workshops, & Products

    As a Study Group member, you'll receive VIP special access & discounts to Hexotica's S.W.A.N. Transformation Marketing Strategy™ courses, workshops, and products to help you build your online empire one funnel at a time.

    Join over 650,000 Online Business Owners Who Trust Groove.CM Funnels Like We Do!

    Consider the alternatives....

    • Without a funnel your customer journey requires your manual involvement to move your customer through every point of contact, onboarding, product or service delivery, and aftercare. You're spending valuable time doing what could be fully automated into a streamlined flow!  

    • You duct-tape your sales funnel together using a variety of software, each charging their own monthly subscription fees - even the software you have to use to get them all to duct-tape them to each other has it's own subscription fee! 

    • AND you waste time learning how to use each software you try to duct-tape, only to discover after a few months of sinking your time into them that you cannot grow in the ways you need your business to grow with their limited features. With Groove, you get everything you need to to market your online business at an advanced level in one place from the start.

    • You go all-in a big launch on your own and get a good deal done yourself until wap-wup - something goes wrong in and you don't know who to turn to. You end up hiring some dude in California who charges a fortune and doesn't explain anything for you to know how to resolve the problem if it ever comes up again. With this membership, we've always got your back when you need affordable help in a hurry and we won't leave you wondering WTF happened.

    So why not save money, time, & a hella lot of headaches trying to DIY it all alone? Let us help you!

    Join the Sales Funnel Using Groove Funnels Study Group for $15/AUD a Month 

    For less than the price of a manicure you can get the help & clarity you need to build your first sales funnel & start making passive income in your sleep! 💅



    • This group is for both complete beginner and intermediate aspiring funnel builders - especially those who are using GROOVE.cm™ funnels.

    • You have an online business but you have not got the momentum with your leads and sales that you know you can enjoy with automation, and you're keen to learn what funnels can do for your business.

    • You've previously used Kartra, Clickfunnels, or other funnel software and you're keen to move to Groove Funnels as quickly and easily as possible.

    • If you bought the Groove lifetime deal and have been sitting on it doing nothing, this group is for YOU! If you have been wringing your hands, not sure how to get started, it's time to make your money back and tap into the consistent sales potential you know you can create with an evergreen funnel.


    • If you are not willing to invest time into studying and implementing what you learn from this group.

    • If you're more a taker than a giver and you are not willing to engage with the community to learn, share, and grow together showing support, patience, kindness, and respect to others who may not be at the same level as you.

    Your Group Admins

    Unlike other marketing groups on Facebook, as a member of the Study Group you'll be treated like a close friend - you can ask 'silly' questions, share personal wins and rants, and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are also just starting to learn all about sales funnel marketing. We never take ourselves too seriously and we love to have FUN while learning, sharing, and supporting one another in a positive, no-bullying, no chest-beating community of badass budding marketicians. 🪄

      Christine Rice


      Christine is the founder of Hexotica, and online education company on a mission to transform creative & unconventional women struggling with ugly duckling impostor syndrome systemic patriarchal power inequality into badass, high-earning online entrepreneurs and world-raveling digital nomads with her S.W.A.N. Transformation Marketing Strategy™. 🐤💫🦢

      She has over 15 years experience in e-commerce, social media management, and all things digital marketing.

      Neem Nyima


      Neem is our go-to tech guy for domain transfers, email set-up, SEO audits and strategy, and all things Groove Funnels. He holds a Diploma of I.T. Networking from Swinburne University & has a patience for dealing with tech most of us would kill for. ⚔️

      Hire him when you just can't even with your tech headaches. 

    Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

    Will it be worth it?

    If saving a ton of time reading all the books, taking all the courses, and figuring out all the things by yourself is important to you, than yes, this group will be worth it!

    The Guides section of the group is already loaded up with a ton of resources, swipe files, and video tutorials and new resources are added every week.

    In addition, as my VIP members, you will get FREE or discounted prices and/or early bird access to my upcoming digital courses!

    I'm not tech-savvy - will it be hard?

    Not at all. Whether you are an advanced marketer or a total noob, all of the resources in this group will be easy to understand and follow. And if there’s anything you’re not 100% clear about, you can get all the help and support you need to get total clarity - I have a 'there are NO 'stupid' questions policy of inclusion for all levels.

    In addition, Groove has made creating complete sales funnels super simple by providing ready-to-go templates that you can easily install and customize. 

    Will I get enough help & support?

    YES! - lots of helpful advice within the group and if you ever need something techy done I have an in-house tech support person (my loving partner, Neem) who may be able to help you if you ever get stuck or lack the time to do it yourself. You can hire him for teeny tiny headaches on an hourly basis or you can get him to take a huge amount of work off your plate on a contract basis. He is highly knowledgeable in all things I.T. and Groove Funnels.

    How much time will it take?

    This is an entirely self-guided, DIY study group so that’s up to you and what your project may be, but the weekly note drops will only take a few minutes a day to catch up on before they are added into the Guides for you to easily refer back to whenever you need them. 

    Occasionally there will be informative videos up to 20-30 minutes long.

    Do I have to use Groove Funnels?

    No, that’s my choice of funnel software and the tech tutorials will be only for Groove, but a lot of the other sales funnel note drops are for general sales funnel marketing no matter what software brand you are using.

    Do I need to do anything to be a part of this study group?

    No, you can sit back, read, and learn without any participation if you so please. Though to get the most of this like-minded community, I do encourage you to ask questions, share, and support other members for your own learning enjoyment.

    What if I want out or need to take a break for a while?

    You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. There’s no obligation and you will not be charged any extra fees. The price will also not go up if you leave but decide to rejoin us later. 

    Are there any contracts or fees?

    No, there is no minimum membership length required and you may cancel your membership at any time.

    Will I get a good R.O.I from being in this membership?

    If you take the Earn Your First $1 Online Challenge within the Guides section of the group and you follow the instructions to get started selling your first digital product online, you can create a $15 product right away to offset the monthly cost - and start creating your first profitable revenue stream! And that's just the beginning!

    Become a Member in 3 Quick Steps

  • Subscribe to the Study Group for $15 AUD a month. There is no minimum membership requirement and you can cancel at any time.

  • Check your email for the link to request to join the Facebook group. Be sure to answer all the entry questions and give us the email you used to subscribe so we can confirm your membership.

  • Introduce yourself! Tell us exactly where you are with your business goals, what your #1 struggle is right now, and what you are hoping to gain from the community within the next 90 days. We'll roll out the red carpet for you and give you a tour of how to best use the existing group resources.🪄

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